Umbrella Outdoor Lights

These awesome “Umbrella Outdoor Lights” will cover your party area with a very impressive look.
All your guests will be blown away by these wonderful lights.
The umbrella lights come in different styles and fabrics.
Be prepared to be approached by all your guests about these wicked and quirky Umbrella lights.

$ 75  per weekend

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Product Description


  • Upside down Umbrella Lights that look just awesome
  • Great option to add that special detail to your party at your next special occasion
  • Perfect feature to hang between the trees in your garden
  • 1 string consists of 4 umbrella’s and 10 light globes
  • Total length of lights with umbrellas is 8 meters

Additional Information


$90 p/day per string of Umbrella lights


8 meter


70 cm intervals between light globes

Total length including support wire

15 meter. This means you can easily span this 13 meter and hang these wicked lights between the trees or you house and a tree.
Think about all the possibilities.

Umbrella amount

4 Umbrellas per string

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