Marquee 4×8 open sides

Standard Marquee 4 x 8 meters Package deal




This white marquee is a perfect solution for those cold winter nights or in summer to protect all your guests from the sun.
Suits 50 people standing or 30 people seated comfortably.

Ambient Country style Festoon lights  (2 sets -included+dimmer)
These rustic festoon lights measure a length of 8 meters (first to last light.) Pre-connected to a support wire that stretches 15 meters. It’s easy to install the party lights between the house and a Tree. And these ambient party lights will give your special occasion that romantic country-style party looks.

Electric Outdoor Heater (included)
This Electric outdoor heater has an 8 sqm capacity and is most often used to cover a specific area e.g. catering, DJ, grandpa, and grandma.

Trestle tables 2x  (included)
This package comes with 2 trestle tables included.
Different Lycra tablecloth colors are available.

2x Steel Drink Tubs
Serve your drinks in these great steel tubs.

$425.00 DIY (do it yourself)

$725.00 (delivery + setup included)

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Product Description

 This Gorgeous Marquee is Strong, Durable, Reliable, 100% Waterproof and Super Duper Easy Setup

  • Marquee comes with all sides included, sides can be added and removed to your needs
  • Marquee is custom made in France (Super easy DIY 45 min)
  • Marquee is available in plain White
  • This marquee is gorgeous and BIG! Set up requires 2 persons but more hands reduce setup time significantly
  • Suits 50 people standing or 30 people sitting comfortably
  • Marquee frame is designed as a “click and connect” design
  • Great for Garden Parties, Weddings, BBQ’s, Birthday Parties, Baby showers
  • Pick up, delivery is DIY  ( SAVING YOU LOTS !!!)
  • 2x Trestle tables included  ( W: 76cm  H:74cm  L: 180 cm ) Lycra table-cloths in different colors
  • 2x Country style festoon lights included
  • 1x Electric outdoor heater 2000Watt included

Additional Information

Marquee 4m x 8m DIY

comes with side walls and is water proof

Vintage style lights

Length per string is 8 meter
Pre connected to support wire that measure 15 meter.
Easy to install and within minutes ready.

Trestle tables

This package comes with 2 trestle tables to cater your guests

Electric Outdoor Heater

Electric Heater 2000Watt

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