How do I secure a booking?

The best way to secure a booking is by emailing us.

Click  THIS LINK  to submit a booking or query.

Tell us what you would like to book with us, and when?

We will reply with a confirmation email and ask for a small deposit to secure your booking.

Once the deposit is received your booking is confirmed.

That’s how easy it is.

Is there a Security Bond?

Every booking has a bond that serves as security. The bond amount can differ per product. The bond is paid back to you within 4-days after the hire period if no additional costs are made.

What size marquees do you offer?

We offer two ranges of marquees.


  • Standard Marquees can be found HERE
  • We now also offer a Luxury range of marquees most often booked for weddings & Corporate events HERE

What types of payment do you accept?


Regular bookings require a deposit upon confirmation to lock in your booking,  the balance can be paid up to 14 days prior to the start of the event.

PS; the easiest way is to pay the hire fee+bond in one go.



Card (3% surcharge)

Tap & Go

Bank Transfer

Do you offer setup service?

Yes, we do!

Our Standard marquees come DIY.

Alternatively, if you require delivery or setup please let us know and we will quote you the best price. (leave your address details in the booking form)

Our Luxury Marquees always come with delivery and setup included. These marquees are not for DIY use.

Can I setup this marquee on the Beach?

We have certain marquees that are suitable and certain that are no so much.

The weather conditions are also paramount.

Please contact us for more specific information regarding this topic.

We are happy & motivated to make things work.

Can the marquee be used to extend a pergola, outdoor area or garage?

Yes, we do this all the time and it works really well.

Can the marquee be set up on a hard surface?

Yes, we supply appropriate pegs and ropes to secure your party tent or marquee to the ground,

From our experience, we know that lots of people that set up a marquee in the backyard are pretty much isolated from the elements due to surrounding house blocks and often experience hardly any wind even on windy days.

In summer the winds are predominantly from South, South/West.

Which could mean that if your yard is facing North/West, North, or North-East your house might be breaking the wind altogether?

Can the marquee be set up on sloping ground?

Yes, but the legs are non-adjustable so as long as its not exceeding 20 degrees its perfectly fine.

How long before my event do I need to book?

As we are often booked out, to avoid disappointment our advise would be to book as soon as you can.

What height are the marquees?

Each Marquee has different sizes.

Take a look at  our Marquee range and click on “Additional Information”

How many and where are the openings on the marquee?

This is completely flexible, you can cover or leave open any side(s) you require on the day. This applies to the Standard marquees.

The luxury Marquees can be closed as well but usually, all sides remain open with most customers. If you require sides for these marquees let us know.

Can the marquee be heated?

You can use electric heaters or the lower type gas heaters.

Always make sure there is good ventilation and safe distance between structure and heater(s)

Do the marquees have side walls?

Yes our white marquees 4m x 8m has white walls.

Our Persian and indian marquees have curtains. see photo of Persian marquee and Indian Marquee.