Gorgeous Marquee 4×8
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Standard Marquee 4 x 8 meters

SPECIAL Only $250 per weekend
This white marquee is 4 x 8 meters in size.
Marquee is available in plain White or White with a Blue Ribbon. Any preferences are welcome.

Marquee 4 x 8 comes with separate side walls you can attach or leave off, depending on your preference and weather conditions. Pegs and Ropes are included to secure the marquee.

This white marquee is a perfect solution for those cold winter nights or in summer to protect all your guests from the sun.

The setup of the marquee is extremely easy due to its design. The frame is a click & connect design. No tools are required to setup. This Marquee is DIY. Within 45 min your marquee is ready to use.

Suits 50 people standing or 30 people sitting in comfort.

Comes with Country Style Festoon lights included for FREE.

NOW ON SPECIAL  only  $ 250  per weekend

Not suitable on the Beach

We Cater to any event!




Horse funeral

Drug intervention

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Horse funeral

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Return of Jim


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Product Description

  • This Gorgeous Marquee is Strong, Durable, Reliable, 100% Waterproof and Super Duper Easy Setup
  • Marquee 4 x 8 meter set up time 2 persons (DIY in 45 min) with 3 persons roughly 30 min
  • This Package fits in a 4WD, Ute, Van, Station Wagon, Little trailer. (even a sedan with the back seat down)
  • Marquee is available in plain White or White with a Blue Ribbon
  • Marquee comes with individual sidewalls
  • Marquee comes with Pegs/Stakes and Guy lines included
  • Suits on average 50 people standing or 30 people sitting comfortably
  • Comes with Basket Lights or Umbrella Lights or Classic Festoon lights ( your choice )
  • Marquee is extremely easy to assemble  “click and connect”
  • Great for Garden Parties, Weddings, BBQs, Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Baptisms, and much more.
  • Pick up is DIY saving you lots
  • Setup is DIY and very easy due to its remarkable “click&connect design” ( roughly 45 min-max )

Additional Information


8 meter


4 meter


3 meter

Setup Time

45 min to 1 hour maximum. This Marquee is DIY

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